In June 2011 CowCare SIA has delivered the first 800-1 hydraulic hooftrimming crush with 200-0 gate system in France. This crush has been made together with a new custom made trailer system, which ensures fast on- and off loading when visiting farms. This was a special wish of the new owner of this combination Mr. JÚrome Kretz. 


Kretz was in the past working with a local French made hooftrimming crush, but decided to switch to our 800-1 hydraulic hooftrimming crush because of better quality and speed of the hydraulics. This is very important for him because he trims yearly more than 15.000 cows.

Also the hydraulic lifting of the 800-1 and the fixation of the front and back legs were one of the main points why he chose to buy a 800-1 hydraulic hooftrimming crush from CowCare SIA.

A special request from Kretz was that the on loading and off loading needs to be fast and easy. For that we have developed a new trailer system, which we now also will put in our sales catalogue. On the picture below you see this trailer system unloading the 800-1 crush with 200-0 gate system.

We invite all French speaking customers which are interested in this type of crush with the trailer system to contact our sales manager for France, Marcel Pardijs (tel: 0033 69 890 38 64) or if you would like to hear the opinion of JÚrome Kretz, it is always possible to call him.

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