CC380 luxe

CC380 Luxe

The CC Hydraulic Chute is developed for hooftrimmers because of its fast hydraulics, but can also be used by farmers. For hooftrimmers we equip this chute with a wheelset. That in combination with a transporter from CowCare makes it possible to fast move the crush in and out of a barn. 



Standard equipped with hydraulic function for:

  • Front legs

  • Belly band

  • Back legs

  • Front gate

  • Backgate

Fast hydraulic, faster then a lot of other crushes on the market.

Standard equipped with:

  • Gates double with door in it. 2.60 meter long. Price: € 950,-

  • Higher floor, price: € 295,-

  • Hydraulic wheel set (4 pcs) with hand pump, price: € 1250,- [only I.c.w. Higher floor]

  • LED lights, price: € 450,-


Weight including gates and wheel set: 675 kg.

This crush is working on 380V, 16A.

Delivery time: app 3 till 4 months.


For more information about this crush, please contact us by email: or call: 00371 2917 2713 or 0031 64 22 88 638.