650-SP2++ (H)

Model 650-SP2++

Specially designed for hooftrimmers and veterinaries:

- Hydraulic double harness hoist (belly band)

- Hydraulic lift adjusts chute/crush working height (40 cm)

- Hot dip galvenized frame

- Hydraulic fixation front and back legs

- Efficient working lights around the crush

With the following extra compared to the standard 650-SP2:

- Hydraulic hoof support plate system for front and back legs

- Hydraulic front gate

- Hydraulic windlass for pulling cow into the crush or crush on trailer

- Extra brakes in hydraulic motors

- Double input system, 380 and 220Volts 


Standard equipped with working lights around. The double belly band makes it possible to trim all 4 legs at once. Fully galvanized, flexholders, knife holders, emergency stops and 220V cable reel.

This model is designed to meet the demands for hoof trimming crushes which can elevate themself, so the vet or hoof trimmer can work in an ergonomically correct working position.

The crush is specially designed for hooftrimmers and veterinaries and produces a very low amount of noise if compared with other hydraulic crushes. Because of the high quality and good construction it requires almost no maintenance.

There has been taken particular attention to reliability ands robust design, since all hydraulic functions are dimensioned to use low working pressure resulting in a longer life time. All hydraulic functions are also damped in hydraulic pressure to ensure that the animal isn't being injured.

This type of crush is designed for cows between 200 and 900 kg.

There has been taken particular attention to ergonomic posture of the hoof trimmer. Since the box can elevate to an upright working position and adjusted for individual woking heights.

This crush fullfils the heavy demands of the Machine Directive 98/37/EEC of the European Union.


Length: 220 cm

Width: 145 cm

Height: 190 cm + (40 cm if elevated)

Weight: 650 kg

Motor: 2,2 kW


Price (with all options on it):  Under request.  

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