1000-1 (H)

Model 1000-1 is a hydraulic bull crush, developed for hooftrimming of bulls. Even the most heavy animals can enter this crush.

Model 1000-1:

- Hydraulic front hatchway

- Hydraulic front gate

- Hydraulic double harness winch (belly band)

- Hydraulic elevator for crush (>55cm)

- Hydraulic front leg winches

- Hydraulic back leg winches

- Hydraulic leg restraint control system

These crushes are by design the same like the 800-1 hydraulic crush, but have different dimensions. 

This crush fulfils the heavy demands of the Machine directive 98/37/EEC of the European Union.


Length: 305 cm + (30 cm if headgate is down)

Width: 155 cm

Height: 210 cm without wheel

Weight: 1100 kg.

Motor: 4 kW


Price fully equipped model:

Under request

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